Real Estate

Having had a presence in India since 2006, Walton Street India has invested with or committed to invest, and / or has been advising more than ~US$ 310 mn in Indian Real Estate across both equity and debt.

Real Estate – Equity

Walton Street India has had a presence in India since 2006. From 2006 – 2008, Walton Street India has assisted, in an Investment Advisory capacity and on a non-binding basis, on investments amounting to approximately US$ 175 Mn across 4 equity transactions.

Real Estate – Debt

Walton Street India has been actively investing in India through its debt platform since 2013. Since 2013, Walton Street India, along with its affiliates and co-investors, have invested or committed to invest or advised ~US$ 140 million across 17 senior secured Debt transactions involving residential real estate projects across India.

Walton Street India through its affiliates also acts as an Investment Advisor to the manager of the Walton Street Blacksoil Real Estate Debt Fund I (“The Fund”), which seeks debt investments in companies that are engaged in the construction and development of real estate assets, generally in India’s high growth urban centers.

Corporate Debt

Walton Street India provides medium-term structured finance solutions across sectors to high growth companies backed by reputed private equity/venture capital funds as well as high quality, stabilized businesses in the SME segment. Walton Street India’s flexible credit offering is designed to compliment the equity base and is designed to help companies maximize returns on equity by providing the required growth capital to rapidly scaleup and meet operational and valuation milestones.